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Why Does Early Education Matter?

Babies not only grow fast but also learn fast. The first 36 months determine the rest of the child’s life, and the first three years are fundamental for the child’s health, well-being, and future prosperity.


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Our programs are created & designed by a magnificent team of early childhood educators, pediatricians, doctors & engineers.


💡 How to help your kids in the initial phase of learning.
💡 Do early investments at the very start of life – have a major impact and address the child’s health, well-being & future prosperity.
💡 How to create a strong foundation for lifelong learning & development to their fullest potential.
💡 How to help your infant grow without any kind of burden, hassle, and screen time.
💡 How the Aspiring Toddlers blueprint can be used to stimulate your baby’s hidden talent & potential.

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Here are some of the things that babies have learnt from our program

Physical Abilities

Mental Ability Skills

Early Reading

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Our easy and ready-to-implement program helps your baby to develop creativity, incredible memory, drama, encyclopedic knowledge, amazing sports abilities, and many many other skills.

Early actions at the start of life have a major impact and they address the child’s health, well-being and child’s future prosperity. This is why we have built a platform for parents like you to take early action with their babies.

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💡 Why are human babies born helpless and take so long to be completely dependent?
💡 Why are some people who are good at certain skills always good at those skills throughout their life?
💡 Why do babies have a deep desire not only to grow fast but also to learn fast and not provide the opportunity to learn they lose the window of opportunities.

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10000+ parents have taken the Aspiring Toddlers Program

Hear what parents are saying about the Aspiring Toddlers program, watch the video and make your decision.

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Pre-Recorded daily videos are anywhere between 15-20 mins long.
You can watch them at any time on your mobile or on the computer.

From Thursday to Saturday (the First 3 Days), at 7 am you will be getting the link to access the pre-recorded session videos via email. This does not mean you have to wake up at 7 am to watch. we just share it at 7 am, but you can watch it anytime during the day.
Sunday (Live Session Day), you won't have any pre-recorded sessions but can attend the live session at 4 pm.

The program officially starts on Thursday and will go on till Sunday. You will get the prerecorded videos from Thursday to Saturday and a live webinar on Sunday.

ENGLISH ONLY! All communication in the pre-recorded videos and Live Sessions will be in English Only.

The next Batch starts from coming Thursday. I will answer all your questions live Sunday. See you inside

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Join the 5-day Aspiring Toddlers Program. Attend 3 days of this program, if you don’t find any value for your investment of INR 99, whatsoever reason – you can take your money back on the 3rd day.

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Explore your 0-2 Year Old Baby's Hidden Talent & Potential In Just 10 Minutes Every Day Without Any Screen Time!

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About Us

Radha Somashekhar and her son Hemanth started their journey in a kindergarten, where they watched the performance of the kids from close quarters and found that most of their potential and talents were lying in those kids untapped. To bring out those talents and potential in those kids, they started researching and found that those potentials and talents can be explored at a very young age. Then they started to research and dig deeper about this and as a result, Aspiring Toddlers Blueprint was born.