Why Do The First 1000 Days Make Such A Huge Difference To Your Baby's Future Knowledge & Success?

✅ A unique period of opportunity is when the foundations for optimum health and development across the lifespan are established.

✅ This is a time when their brain, body and immune system grow and develops significantly.

✅ During the first 1,000 days, the brain grows more quickly than at any other time in a person’s life.

✅ This is the crucial time to take advantage and ignite your baby’s talents and potential

Are you committed to give 10 minutes to raise your 0-2-year-old baby for… excellence, confidence, joy and happiness, and To…

✅ Raise a genius like the next Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, or Sir Isaac Newton?

✅ Raise an Amazing Sports person like the next Sachin Tendulkar, Don Bradman and Cristiano Ronaldo?

✅ Discover your baby’s inner Leonardo da Vinci and raise a baby Picasso?

✅ And what if you could Discover your little one’s talents in just 10 minutes a day without screen time, stress and pressure? and that’s where we fit in!

You really want to give your child the best advantage … but you believe that babies should just be left alone, correct?

You are absolutely Wrong! Babies are born in this world not only to grow fast but also to learn fast. Babies LOVE to learn and have the deepest cravings for opportunities to LEARN!

And babies are not put under pressure and stress by giving them the opportunity to learn, infact our system removes all the stress and pressure on your baby to lead a happy and successful life.

But it’s hard to know where to start and how to ignite your baby’s talents and potential to their fullest and we have made it a super easy, simple, and convenient, step-by-step method for every parent.


A step-by-step System with all tools, guidance, support, and materials you need to stimulate your baby’s brain in just 10 minutes every day!

Learn the best activities for stimulating your baby’s brain for overall growth and development. get the best activities from our blueprint.

No screen time for your baby, We will send you beautiful physical materials that your baby will absolutely love, shipped to your address so you never have to worry about costs, quality, and the hassle of finding your own!

We know you all have questions, we will give you lifetime access to our private online community, you can ask questions and doubts and share your thoughts.

As always many more hidden benefits and bonuses, you don’t just join the program you join a family.

Here are the best reasons for you to start early education very early on..

Harvard child development says:

Science and research says:

Infant Studies says:

Here is everything you get when you register for the 30-day aspiring toddlers blueprint program today

30 days of daily activities and exercises for your baby’s over all growth and development

No need for any preparation, practice or planning just watch and implement. No screen-time, no pressure or stress only fun spend just 10 minutes every day.

The ultimate fast cards and supreme memory cards shipped directly to your address

We will ship you 6 sets of 50 fast cards and 4 sets of 30 memory cards total of 80 cards, organized in sets and completely as per specifications perfect size cards, along with step-by-step guidance on how to use the cards. 

Lifetime Access To Private Online Community

A network of ambitious and like-minded people just like you to share your thoughts, and suggestions and seek suggestions for other parents who are doing this program, fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone we are all togeather in the community.

 40+ Downloadable Activity Guides, Audio Stimulators in JPEGs, PDFs, MP3s

We will provide you with all the tools that you need, including all the audio stimulator files, road maps, etc. that you can download and keep for your future reference! No need to make notes This program is completely done for you!

Unlimited Support From The team and Parent Mentors

We know you all have questions, We provide you unlimited access to our Parent Mentors and the expert team of Aspiring Toddlers and guide you throughout your parenting journey. simply post your question we will respond with a detailed response within few hours.

 Two Aspiring Toddlers Audial creative books shipped to your address

We are giving two of our most loved spring Toddlers audial creative books as a gift for a limited time, you will have audio files for these books and we’ll tell you how to use them in our program these books help in developing inquisitive skills (eagerness of knowledge and love for learning).

Our programs are designed and crafted by A Magnificent Team of Experts.

Our programs are designed by a magnificent team of early childhood educators, professors, paediatricians, and engineers.

A simple step-by-step blueprint that is more than enough for you to stimulate your baby’s brain and ignite their inner genius.

Backed by science and research.

Here’s everything you get

✅ 30 days of daily activities and exercise – Fun full activities without any screen simple and very easy to follow.

✅ The ultimate fast cards and supreme memory cards shipped directly to your home.

Lifetime Access To a Private Online Community.

✅ 50+ Downloadable Road Maps, Audio Files in JPEGs, PDFs, and MP3s.

✅ Unlimited Support From The Team.

✅ Two Aspiring Toddlers Audial Creative Books Shipped to your Address.

About Us

Aspiring toddlers is a magnificent team of Early childhood educators, pediatricians, doctors, professors, and engineers led by Radha Somashekhar and her son Hemanth.

They started their journey in a kindergarten, where they watched the performance of the kids from close quarters and found that most of their potential and talents were lying in those kids untapped. To bring out those talents and potential in those kids, they started researching and found that those potentials and talents can be explored at a very young age and started helping kids to bring out their hidden talents and potential at very young age, the results blew them away. Then they started a simple initiative that has turned into a small venture which is serving parents all over India.